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Top 4 rental Cars Ideal For Long-term NGO & Company Projects

Top 4 rental Cars Ideal For Long-term NGO & Company Projects

Top 4 rental Cars Ideal For Long-term NGO & Company Projects

Top 4 rental Cars Ideal For Long-term NGO & Company Projects,  Are you planning to rent a car for longer than 30 days for NGO or Company projects and don’t know which option to go with? Worry not because we have you sorted because this article not only provides information on the rental cars that are ideal for long-term projects but also gives the benefits of long-term car rental. It’s no brainer that NGO and Company Projects require flexible and convenient transportation options hence long-term car rental is the best solution whereby Project managers and other individuals involved have the freedom to access the vehicle whenever it is required (for the assignment) for an extended period.

Therefore, long-term Car rental can be a game changer for NGO and Company Projects and some of them include unmatched freedom, flexibility, and convenience that it offers, cost-effectiveness due to the opportunity to enjoy discounts, and the possibility of enjoying vehicle upgrades, among others. Knowing the benefits of long-term car rental, the next thing is knowing which vehicles are ideal for your NGO and Company projects and they include the following;

Safari Land CruiserTop 4 rental Cars Ideal For Long-term NGO & Company Projects

The customised Safari Land Cruiser is one of the best Rental Cars that is perfect for long-term NGO and Company Projects and can work best in remote areas of the country where roads become difficult to access/navigate during wet months.  Not only is this 7-seater (sitting comfortably) built to handle the toughest of terrains but also has a pop-up roof, a fridge box for keeping/cooling drinks during the projects, enough legroom for comfort, and ample cargo space in the rooftop and rear for keeping luggage hence making it possible to go on for long-term projects. Therefore, whether your NGO and Company project involves photography, filming, or research in remote areas, the Safari Land Cruiser has got you covered.

Land Cruiser Prado TX

Another incredible Rental Car for long-term NGO and Company projects is the Land Cruiser Prado TX, Which accommodates up to 5 passengers sitting comfortably (although there can be space for 6 or 7 passengers). If your project involves working in remote areas with bad roads, then this vehicle is perfect because of its 4X4 mechanism as well as high ground clearance which makes it possible to traverse any nature of terrain. Other features to enjoy include an Air Conditioner, ample leg room for relaxing and comfortable seating during your projects, and enough cargo space for your luggage.

Toyota Supercustom

The 7-seater Toyota Super-custom is also perfect for NGO and Company Projects, especially those within the City and Suburbs. This mid-sized Van had adjustable seats hence making it possible for passengers to sit comfortably, enough cargo space especially in the rear for passenger luggage, and a sunroof (which also acts as a pop-up roof hence making it perfect for wildlife safaris that includes photography and filming projects). The Toyota Supercustom has a spectacular interior whose comfort creates a wonderful environment for business-related projects that involve working while on the road.

Coaster Bus

This mini-bus can also work for long-term NGO and Company projects, especially when it involves a large group of 25 to 30 people. This Toyota or Mitsubishi-made vehicle is ideal for transferring project staff to and from the site and features Air Conditioning, comfortable seats with enough legroom, a small Television and Radio for entertainment, space for luggage in the rear, deck, and roof racks, as well as a cooler box for drinks.

Besides the 4 mentioned rental cars, other options that are ideal for long-term NGO and Company projects include the HiAce Drone Van, Premio’s, to mention but a few.


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