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5 mistakes when driving at night

5 mistakes when driving at night

5 mistakes when driving at night, Self-driving during safaris is an exciting experience for many travelers. However, always refrain from doing it at night as it has several disadvantages. One of the reasons is because even the most experienced drivers are most likely to make errors of judgment. While driving at night, which becomes dangerous to your life and that of other road users. Considering the unpredictability on the roads, limited visibility, and fatigue that comes with driving at night. Driving at night is therefore a potential hazard hence every driver should recognize the possibility of these dangers and navigate through them effectively. Especially after renting a Car. For this reason, you most likely give assurance for safety and keep passengers relaxed as the dangers well taken care of. There are numerous mistakes that any driver makes when driving at night and here are 5 of them;

Driving at high speed: 5 mistakes when driving at night

Driving at high speed is typical of many drivers, and it is more risky when done at night. The main reason why driving love driving at high speed at night is because the traffic is low. But it is very dangerous as night driving hides many insecurities. You might not see the dangers ahead of you, or you could feel tired quickly. If you are exploring an area that you aren’t familiar with. There are high chances that you will get lost thus we always recommend driving with properly functioning headlights and taillights. And if need be, order auxiliary lights. If you plan on driving long distances, we also recommend taking breaks to avoid getting tired.

Driving after drinking alcohol

The combination of drinking alcohol and driving is a huge risk that should be avoided, considering the dangers that it causes. It is not only morally wrong to drive after taking alcohol but also prohibited by law. Regardless of the amount of alcohol taken, the reactions (which drivers may not feel immediately) are risky even when the reaction time is delayed/increased. It is advisable to ask someone to drive you after drinking alcohol, or better still call a taxi and not drive by yourself. A significant percentage of road accidents are caused by the consumption of alcohol.

Getting distracted while night driving : 5 mistakes when driving at night

Incidences such as conversing with someone else in the car, using mobile phones. Or any other electronic devices, changing radio stations are a dangerous enemy of drivers as they are most likely to cause distractions at dangerous situations hence causing serious consequences. If your attention is taken and distracted, there are higher chances of causing accidents and for this reason. Ensure that your focus is maintained when driving at night (and even day time). Holding cabin lamps turned for a long time and alcohol are likely to cause distraction while driving.

Using the primary and dipped beam wrongly: 5 mistakes when driving at night

Many drivers (especially the less experienced drivers) still have no idea on when to make use of the primary and dipped beam yet it is very important during night driving. It is important to always adjust the height and direction of the headlights (although not to dazzle other drivers). The main/primary beam normally used when there is no upcoming traffic as it helps in getting extra light which makes it easier to see (clearly) at night. However, make sure that you quickly change to low beams when you see upcoming traffic. If you do this wrongly, you will cause visibility problems for other drivers. Drivers also make the mistake of using the low beam,  best used during day time as they make others see you and improve your visibility as well.

Driving when tired

Many times, drivers sit behind the wheel when tired, thinking it is not such a big deal. This is common among drivers with many years’ driving experiences. However, regardless of your experience, desist from driving if you feel tired and instead rest, take a walk outside the car or simply breathe some fresh air to avoid causing accidents.